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The Story of Sapadilla

One night on a tobogganing hill far, far away, a boy met a girl. He liked the girl and, it being the dead of winter, did the only sensible thing he could think of: he invited her to join him for a milkshake. Appreciating the boy’s good taste and judgment, the girl accepted.

Once cozy in their booth, they talked of many things. The boy learned that the girl spent her days at an advertising agency, where her soul was being removed one piece at a time. The girl learned that although the boy was happiest in the mountains, among the trees and the frogs and the lakes, he lived inside an office cubicle, forced to wear stiff, shiny shoes.

There had to be a better way, they thought. Couldn’t they do something that matched their values and their lifestyle? Couldn’t they offer something that made peoples’ lives a little bit better and the planet a little bit healthier?  Yes, they agreed. Of course they could. And what better way to get a clean start than by making cleaning products? But not ordinary cleaning products, special ones that were a treat to use, wonderful to smell and kind to the earth.

Excited with this vision, they set to work.  First, they’d need a name. They thought and thought, then thought some more before landing on Sapadilla.  Why Sapadilla? Because it’s fun to say—plus, it was their company, and they could gosh darn name it whatever the heck they pleased.

The boy and the girl worked many days and many nights researching, mixing and smelling. Then, one magical day, Sapadilla was ready to go out into the world. And the world was ready for Sapadilla. There was nothing else quite like it, you see, nothing that worked so well, or filled your home with such beautiful, natural aromas. The boy and the girl could barely keep up with the demand. Joyous day, Sapadilla was here to stay!

Over time, the girl’s soul grew back. And the boy? Well, he never ever wore shiny shoes again.