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Meet Sapadilla

Bursting with fresh, loaded with clean

We make nice little eco-cleaners and soaps that do nice little things for you, your home, and the earth. Products made with 100% pure essential oil blends, plan-based biodegradable and earth friendly

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Rosemary + Peppermint

The revitalizing duo of peppermint and rosemary pure essential oil blends pack an oh-so fresh punch, while a touch of orange adds sweetness. A subtle background of warm, light spicy clove is the perfect finishing touch.

Grapefruit + Bergamot

A fresh blend of sweet, citrusy goodness, combining top notes of lemon and litsea cubeba. Heart notes of juicy grapefruit and sweet orange, anchored with deep and delicious bergamot.

Sweet Lavendar + Lime

Beautiful, relaxing lavender meets the lively tang of lime pure essential oil blends. Add in a little grapefruit and a subtle whisper of rosemary, and cleaning becomes joyful.