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Sapadilla Bulk & Refillery Products Back In Stock FAQ

We are excited to announce that Bulk 5-gallon Hand Soap, Dish Soap, Countertop Cleaner, and All Purpose Cleaner are all in stock across all three scents!  

As you know, when we acquired Sapadilla from Gorilla Glue in January 2023, many of the bulk products were out of stock. We are committed to the bulk business as it is core to our mission and commitment to sustainable and earth-friendly soaps and cleaning products. As a result, we have worked hard with our supply chain to bring these products back and are also hoping to be back in stock with laundry in the coming months.  

You will notice that we are moving to five-gallon buckets because they are a more sustainable solution and announcing that we will provide a return label if you choose to return the buckets after use. We understand that some of our customers prefer Carboys or 55-gallon drums – if that is the case, please reach out, and we will custom-fill these for you.  

Finally, we are experiencing higher costs, notably on many of our raw materials, like essential oils, and have had to increase prices to reflect these higher costs. We understand that Sapadilla being out of stock and raising prices can have a negative effect on both you and your customers, so for the entire month of August 2024, we will be offering 10% OFF on all wholesale orders! 


  • IS SHIPPING INCLUDED? Our wholesale prices do not include shipping. When you order, we will provide a shipping quote (or we can use your shipping account). We are also working on a B2B ordering website that would provide real-time shipping costs. For US orders you can always order on our website, where the pricing includes shipping. For Canadian orders, we are working on moving to a distributor in Canada to reduce costs and delivery times.  
  • HOW MUCH DO I NEED TO ORDER FOR FREE SHIPPING? Right now, we are not offering free shipping on wholesale orders. Shipping costs have increased and are very dependent on what is ordered and where it is going. We will provide shipping quotes at the time of the order.  
  • WILL YOU CHARGE GST TAX IN CANADA? Yes, we will collect taxes as required by the Canadian government. 
  • WHY DID YOU CHANGE TO A 5-GALLON BUCKET? We are moving to five-gallon buckets with a pourable spout that can support standard bucket pumps. This packaging will be a more sustainable solution than the previous Carboy containers because the buckets can be easily returned or repurposed after use (donated, storage, used as planters, sold).    
  • DOES EVERYTHING COME IN THE NEW BUCKET? No, only all Hand Soap scents, two scents of Dish Soap (Rosemary + Peppermint and Grapefruit + Bergamot), and one scent of Countertop Cleaner (Grapefruit + Bergamot). All other forms and scents will be shipped in a Carboy until we run out of stock and transition to the bucket.    
  • HOW DO I GET A CARBOY or 55 GALLON DRUM INSTEAD? Reach out to us at, and we can provide a quote and lead time. We anticipate these versions will have a 2-8 week lead time.  
  • HOW DO I RETURN THE PAIL WHEN IT IS USED FOR A CLOSED CYCLE? Simply reach out to us at and we will provide a pre-paid return shipping label for you to return it in the original box. 
  • DO YOU SELL PUMPS FOR THE 5 GALLON BUCKETS? While we do still have Carboy pumps in stock, we do not stock pumps for the 5-gallon buckets at this time. We recommend buying a standard five-gallon pump like this one on Amazon. 
  • WHY DID YOU INCREASE THE PRICE? Many of our costs are higher, most notably the high concentration of natural essential oils we use that makes us different from other products on the market - this is what delivers the fragrant natural scent experience consumers love. Over the past three years, the cost of essential oil ingredients have risen substantially. Unfortunately, we had to increase prices to continue to deliver our plant-based, earth-friendly formulas with premium scents. Please see our price list below. 

Thanks for being a customer. We look forward to continuing to serve you and provide sustainable soaps and cleaning products to your consumers.


President & Owner