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What Exactly is Rosemary?

When you think of herbs, you probably imagine basil, thyme, or maybe even parsley. But what about rosemary? It might surprise you to learn that rosemary is actually among the most aromatic and pungent of all the herbs! 

What is Rosemary? 

Rosemary is a type of herb, the plant of the Rosmarinus officinalis species. It's primarily grown in the Mediterranean region. 


The plant is known for its needle-like leaves and has a very distinct scent. The taste is unique, often described as a pungent flavor, with a hint of lemon-pine. According to Alan Davidson’s The Oxford Companion to Food (2nd ed.), rosemary is used in various forms, such as dried, fresh, or as an oil. 


That’s right. Oil. If you've ever used essential oils, then you've likely come across rosemary! Rosemary oil extracted from its leaves is a popular ingredient in aromatherapy. 

Rosemary in Essential Oils 

Other than its unique flavor, rosemary is highly prized for its essential oil, which is extracted using the steam distillation method. This method ensures that the oil doesn't lose any of its unique character or aroma. The leaves of the plant are distilled to extract the oil. 


As for its scent, it has fresh herbal notes with a slightly woody aroma that is unmistakable. Trust us. When you get a whiff of it, you'll know it's rosemary. Many people find this scent to be invigorating, and it is often used to stimulate the mind. While no recent studies back this claim up, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this invigorating scent around the house. 

Benefits of Rosemary Oil (According to Science) 

In a 2018 study, researchers decided to put rosemary oil to the test as an antibacterial. They found that it had strong antimicrobial properties. As a result, they concluded that the rosemary oil obtained in their study could be classified as a strong bacteria inhibitor. 


It's important to remember these studies were not conducted on Sapadilla products or Sapadilla products containing rosemary essential oil, but on pure rosemary oil. 

Sapadilla Rosemary + Peppermint 

Here at Sapadilla, we use 100% pure rosemary essential oil for all our nice little eco-cleaners and soaps. Our Rosemary + Peppermint Hand Soap, All Purpose Cleaner, Countertop Cleanser, Dish Soap, and Laundry Liquid combine our favorite herbal scents with other essential oils. With our Rosemary + Peppermint products, you get a fresh blend of invigorating, herbal goodness, combining top notes of rosemary and heart notes of juicy peppermint. It's an aromatic treat straight from Mother Nature! 


So when life gives you rosemary… add peppermint and more! Make every day a Sapadilla day - bursting with fresh, loaded with clean! 


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